Art / Collectibles Insurance

Raffles Provident, a niche insurance advisory firm offering comprehensive coverage for your Jewellery & Collectibles

Art Plus

ArtPlus is a high value household insurance solution. In addition to providing specialised insurance for art and collectibles, it also covers buildings, general contents, jewellery, watches, and personal liability

Personal Collectibles

Personal Collectibles Policy is designed for art collectors who require specialist insurance for their collections worldwide. Our insurer is able to offer a bespoke  insurance package to safeguard your collection.

Corporate Collectibles

An increasing number of corporate bodies boast outstanding art collections but are often not covered specifically but instead, fall under general office insurance policies. We offer All Risks insurance for corporate art collections.

Art Dealers

AXA Art works closely with galleries and showrooms to provide flexible, tailored policies that consider the needs of specialist dealers. It provides cover for dealer’s stock whilst on the premises or temporarily removed, and at fairs or exhibitions.

Art Exhibition and Transit

AXA Art insures many of the large exhibitions that take place around the world. For the larger events, AXA Art prides itself on the individual approach we take. We will produce a unique policy wording that reflects the individual features of the risk.

Museum All Risk

Museums can take advantage of AXA ART’s bespoke underwriting and a specially-tailored policy which offers comprehensive cover for exhibits both within a museum or when loaned for exhibitions or fairs.

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