Introducing Our Unparalleled Client Medical Support

Medical concierge gives you foremost access to comprehensive medical services, be it medical enquiries or arranging appointments with our experiences specialist, we are committed to provide a quick and hassle-free experience for you.

Premium Medical Service at your fingertips

Providing attentive and expert care with a personal touch:

  • 1400 Specialist Doctors across 4 hospitals
  • A comprehensive range of subspecialties
  • Advances medical technology

Helping you with excellence:

  • No third-party fees
  • Appointment booked within 45 minutes^
  • Referral to relevant senior specialists
  • After hours support
  • Cashless arrangement^^

The Convenience of Cashless Arrangements^^ – simply provide the patient’s following details:

  • Name of Patient
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • NRIC number
  • Admission Date
  • Name of Policy & Rider
  • Screenshot of the Policy

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Singaporeans or Permanent Residents
  • Patients with Private Integrated Shield Plans for Private Hospitals with Riders
  • The policy is in force for more than 1 year with the same insurer.

Three easy steps to making an appointment:

  1. SMS 8488 7168 for inquiries and bookings 
  2. Your medical appointment details will be sent to your phone
  3. Forward appointment confirmation to you

Four Hospitals at accessible locations.


1. Q: Will there be any additional fees incurred for the use of this service?

     A: There are no additional administrative fees will be charged.

2. Q: What information is needed when I contact the hotline?


  • Your preferred appointment date

  • Your medical issues

  • A screenshot of your policy for cashless arrangement^^ if you are eligible for cashless admission

3. Q: If the cashless arrangement^^ has been approved by the hospital, do I need to bring a credit card upon admission?

     A: Even after the cashless arrangement has been approved by the hospital, a Payment Authorisation Form is required for all patients. The patient will be notified prior to any transactions being charged to the credit card.


^ Response time during office hours

^^ Cashless Arrangement will not be offered to patients with pre-existing conditions & exclusions

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