Jewellery Valuer

Far East Gemological Laboratory

12 Arumugam Road #04-02, LTC Building B, Singapore 409958

Office: (65) 67458542
Mobile: (65) 96405769

Our company do jewellery appraisal for corporate, temples, private individual and also a family heirloom.

Our interest in gem research, working with scientists in physic dept., NUS or even Singapore Polytechnic, as a result, published our finding in the international scientific journals. Total about 70 to 80 papers.

My name is Tay Thye Sun, a geologist (1976) and also a gemologist and has been practised in the trade since 1980. I had appraised Indian temple jewellery before e.g. Chettiars’ Temple Society, Tank Road; Saigon Chettiars’ Temple Trust, Yishun; National Museum.

As a result, I was invited to sit on the Editorial Review Board in UK, Australia, China, and even sit in the world body in gemmology like International Gemological Conference (IGC) since 2004. And has been practising in the trade for nearly 40 years and my appraisal service brought me to Indonesia, Hong Kong and China.

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