Corporate Collectibles

Corporate Collectibles All Risks

An increasing number of corporate bodies boast outstanding art collections but are often not covered specifically but instead, fall under general office insurance policies. AXA Art’s Corporate Collectibles solution offers All Risks insurance for corporate art collections and can offer advice about security, care and value.
Premises Coverage All Risks
We cover your office or commercial premises on an All Risks basis.

Accidental Damage Coverage
We fully cover all types of accidental damages to your property.

Agreed Value Basis
We can insure all your items on values agreed upon between you and our underwriters.

Automatic Coverage for New Property
We cover your newly acquired property automatically up to 25% of your Total Sum Insured.

Pair, Sets or Parts Cover
If part of a pair or set of fine art items is damaged, you can choose for a Total Loss in return for getting full payment on the pair or set.

Buy Back Agreement
You have the right to repurchase from us, damaged property that is recovered for the amount paid to you for the “loss”, plus an amount that represents loss adjustment and recovery expenses.

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