It’s one of the most fantastic moments in my life today. I was chatting with a Financial controller yesterday and she shared about the challenges faced by her hubby. Both of them have three children, just like myself. I thought they’re enjoying the best part of their life right now. I was under that impression because the three children are doing well in their career and are filial children. I will call her June in this article which is not her real name.

I was shocked to learn that her hubby suffered from stage 3 colon cancer. June is even more shocked as her hubby takes good care of himself by having a good balance of lifestyle. The family started a healthy diet about twenty years ago and have to lead a disciplined lifestyle since then. The hubby exercises very regularly. He’s so into exercise to a stage he won’t even want to stop his daily routine even after realizing his cancer illness. This strikes me so hard about the kind of lifestyle we have and the kind of stress everyone is going though TODAY. It seems like modern health science is not helping us a lot when comes to a deadly disease like cancer. Before we parted, June asked me to help recommend TCM and also asked my clients how they overcome challenges caused by cancer. I agreed to help.

I have a busy schedule today, and still, I managed to call a client whom I lost touch for such a long time and I will call her April. April is such a good soul. Despite being a parent of two teenager children, she volunteers in one of the Student Care Services organisation and I was also a volunteer there many years ago. We knew each other for quite a long while before she suddenly realized she had a stage 4 colon cancer. Within a short few weeks, she shrank by almost half her usual size. I am not exaggerating as I am sure many friends or family members of cancer patients will have said the same thing like what I just shared. The cancer came at a wrong timing as April’s children are showing obvious sign of astray and April is overwhelmed with her children’s teenager’s issues to a certain extent.

I visited April a few times and I realized April is taking her medical condition and is in a very positive mindset. It was the challenges she’s facing that told her she must be strong as her children are very important to her. Time passed. After ten years I called up April because June is looking for help. April was delighted with my call and I helped her make some money in her investment. Anyway, joke aside. April concluded that she survived because of two reasons. Firstly, she thinks her strength will help fight cancer. Also, her persistence of one hour daily exercise helped strengthen her will power and she also became stronger.

I reflected and I realize there was another good reason. In my 15 years working with lots of clients making insurance claims, I realized people who are less stressful and quickly overcome their anxiety and depression actually recover faster and better. One of the key stress where most people in the world are facing is financial stress. When I look at April as well as Hubby of June, I realized it’s not just important to buy enough and complete insurance, it’s also important to have good savings for the family. The insurance coverage and savings in the bank help the victim focus on what’s important: to fight the illness. I am blessed that I have been doing my job as an adviser and every day I ask myself how I can improve myself in my job.  I think it’s fantastic because I am making a difference in lives.


April never bought any insurance from me initially and still, I helped file her insurance claim. As a young adviser, It’s a good opportunity for me on how an insurance claim work. One of the mission statements I have is to see my client become financially independent when I started out. I feel It’s very important to know how insurance claim should be handled as most young advisers probably won’t have that opportunity to claim for clients simply because they just started.

June didn’t buy any insurance from me either. After 15 years, I still hold on my belief and I still do my best to serve her whether she does or does not buy from me.

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